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Since the years 1580 woodcarving provides a livelihood for the valley of Val Gardena(South Tyrol) and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, the valley is also matured into a tourist stronghold in the Alps. About 2.500 people are employed in the field of handcrafted work. The characteristic feature of the Gardena woodcarving is that a block of wood gets treated with chisel, mallet and a flat iron while the individual characteristics of a figure are worked out with glass paper and knives.
Dedicated to this historic and interesting craft is Mirko Moroder. Besides the classic and modern religious motifs, the artist is defined above all by modern figurative art in which he got specialized. The figures are impressive not only because of their undisputed wood carving technique, but by the fact that the sports-minded artist Moroder was able to breathen an authentic dynamism into the figures preserving a perfect motion.
His wooden artworks get refined by the skillful hands of certified decorators from the art school in St. Ulrich. Here, the art pieces are of course completed individually by hand using special inks and so they become UNIQUE pieces. Mirko uses different materials such as wood, bronze, aluminum or gold.
The works of Mirko Moroder can be found in the best art work addresses in Europe; he has also experienced art-specific recognition through numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

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Vivo in Umbria, terra ove l'ulivo centenario con le sue bellissime forme naturali costituisce di per sè una straordinaria opera d'arte, originale e sempre diversa l'una dall'altra. Mirko Moroder nativo della Val Gardena, invece da pezzi squadrati di legno ricava, scolpendoli, realistiche figure umane e paesaggi. L'Artista sviluppa il tema prestabilito della tradizione, regalando alle sue aspre montagne e strette valli un pò di calore e dolce umanità che derivano dalle sue opere che da anni hanno superato lo status di "prodotto artigianale" per assumere con pieno diritto quello di "opera d'arte".

- Sergio Passerini

  • Mirko Moroder


    Mirko Moroder was born in 1973 in Ortisei in Val Gardena, where he studied three years at the art school. Later he went to the vocational school for four years, until he opened his own studio as sculptor. Now he lives and works in Prati di Vizze.

Recent Work


1999 Unika member
2001 Unika exhibition
2002 Unika exhibition
2002 Exhibition in Alba (Piemont, Italy)
2003 Unika exhibition
2003 Personal exhibition (Obervintl, Italy)
2004 Personal exhibition (Perigia, Italy)
2005 Personal exhibition at hotel Quellenhof (Passeier, Italy)
2005 1st place at the sculpture competition "Oliver Kahn"
2006-2011 Continuing education for new projects...
2012 New projects...


Mirko carves also on order; every image or idea of the customer becomes a unique art piece! Materials: wood, bronze or gold.


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Mirko Moroder lives and works in Prati di Vizze, a little town in the middle of the italian alps.

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Tel:+39 339 69 18 774